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The Game Over Curse - Whenever we play a great show, with lots of people smashing heads in the pit, we never get any fucking pictures. When a camera is present, the show is pretty much guaranteed to suck balls. Therefore, we try hard to "forget" to bring a camera to each of our shows to ensure a good time for all. If you have any pictures of Lights Out playing a show please contact us so we can get copies.

HarryKats Pub and Grill

A hardcore band in the middle of a metal show...let's just say the crowd wasn't the warmest we've seen, but we appreciate those who got up.


The Wrong Way Inn

Roadhouse Pub

Sick fuckers were throwing down all night long. Man is the Monster, Lights Out and Dimentianon all had nice pits during their sets

All Aboard Pub


Union Square Lounge

Of course the curse continues, the camera batteries died just as the pit starts up, most of these pictures were during the first song

The Spot

Not a huge crowd, but a few people got up

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The Roadhouse Pub

This show got us on the Murphy's Law bill in 1999. We miss the Roadhouse, although a tittie bar is a pretty good replacement to the old hardcore hangout.

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Friends of Lights Out

We don't have many friends, but the ones we do have definately deserve some credit.