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Lights Out Chronology - includes all three recording sessions, 14 tracks total on one CD. The old stuff used to be only available on cassette, but we figured why the hell not on CD? Of course we do not consider this a greatest hits CD, since we have always, and will always suck.

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Alcohol Soaked Hardcore - Recorded at Studio 45 in Coram New York in 2001. Our first release as Lights Out. Tracks include Vendetta, Flesh by Flesh and a new version of Bastard I Am.

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Game Over - Recorded at Don Fury Studios New York, New York in 1999. Don was the best, he gave us a great deal on the recording and spent more time than we expected helping us get it right. We love this recording and plan to go back to work with Don Fury again because of it.

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Lights Out T-Shirt - 100% Cotton shirt. Logo appears on front and a picture on the back. These do not really exist yet, so don't ask for one.

Chronology T-Shirt - 100% Cotton shirt. Chronology cover art appears on the front and a not-so-clever saying on the back. These do not really exist yet either, so don't ask for one. Also not available in red!

Other Items

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