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Lights Out is a Hardcore band from Long Island, New York. Formed after a couple of us got arrested and needed a way to voice our opinions about our legal system. What started as an outlet became a full time music making cluster fuck. Decrepid Smerf was the our first actual name, and the songs were mostly punkish and limited due to our lack of musical talent. The lyrics were all "fuck you" and angry and did not make much sense. Then we renamed ourselves Game Over. We played a bit better than before and the lyrics started to make some sense. The anger was still there, but at least it was somewhat directed. It all came to a head when we hooked up with Don Fury and recorded a CD. Until then we had only produced lame, poorly recorded demo tapes. Now we had a CD and a few shows coming up, one of which was with Murphy's Law. By the time the Murphy's Law show was over, we broke up the band. Actually, we took a year off and reconfigured into Lights Out, which at first was the same except John went from bass to guitar and new member Sazooki filled in at bass. Then Jim left us, and we were again a four-piece. Now we are available for shows anywhere you want us to play, and we eventually will be recording again since we have a bunch of new songs…

Our discography includes titles from our previous band name Game Over. We put out a demo in 1997 with four songs. One Month Meltdown, Society's Fault, Bastard I Am, and Proper Dose of Reality. We passed hundreds out, but it was not our best work.

Then we recorded a semi-live tape, Behind Gritted Teeth. We had a few new songs. Sorry Excuse, Life of a Maggot, System…

Then we hooked up with Don Fury in NYC and recorded a full length Self Titled CD with a few more new songs on it, Control, Rupture, Poisoned Soul, Probing the Minds of Our Forefathers, Stalemate, Game Over.

Recently we have released our first CD as Lights Out, called
Alcohol Soaked Hardcore. It features almost all new songs, Bastard I Am, Flesh by Flesh, Jokes that Aren't Funny, Vendetta, Declaration to the World. We recorded at Studio 45 right our here in Coram, Long Island.

We are heading to the studio soon to record our second CD as Lights Out. All songs are prepared and ready to be completely massacred by us in the studio. We suck so bad at recording, we shouldn't even bother, but we do because we have no common sense.

Mikey               John              Pablo          Sazooki